Discover the Unique Journey of Poppy: From Pop Sensation to Genre-Defying Artist

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Poppy, born Moriah Rose Pereira, is a multifaceted artist known for her enigmatic persona and genre-blending music. Emerging in the mid-2010s, she initially gained attention through her surreal and often unsettling YouTube videos, which featured her speaking in a robotic monotone about various topics. These videos helped build her mysterious image and garnered a cult following.

Poppy headshot
Poppy headshot

Her musical career began in earnest with the release of her debut EP, “Bubblebath,” in 2016. Poppy’s early music was characterized by a mix of bubblegum pop and electronic influences, with catchy hooks and a glossy production style. However, as her career progressed, she started to incorporate a wider range of genres into her work, including rock, metal, and industrial.

Poppy’s debut album, “Poppy.Computer,” released in 2017, continued to explore the juxtaposition of sweet pop melodies and dark, often cryptic lyrics. Her follow-up album, “Am I a Girl?” (2018), marked a significant shift in her sound, embracing a heavier, more rock-oriented approach. This album included collaborations with artists like Diplo and Grimes, further expanding her musical horizons.

In 2020, Poppy released her third studio album, “I Disagree,” which solidified her transformation into a genre-defying artist. The album featured a blend of metal, industrial, and pop elements, with songs that tackled themes of identity, rebellion, and self-empowerment. Tracks like “Concrete” and “BLOODMONEY” showcased her ability to seamlessly switch between aggressive, distorted guitar riffs and melodic pop hooks.

Beyond her music, Poppy has also ventured into other artistic endeavors. She has written a graphic novel, “Genesis 1,” and collaborated on various fashion projects, further cementing her status as a cultural icon. Her distinct visual style, often featuring futuristic and avant-garde fashion, has made her a staple in the world of alternative and experimental art.

Poppy’s evolution as an artist has been marked by her willingness to push boundaries and defy expectations. Her enigmatic persona and ever-changing musical style keep fans and critics alike intrigued. Whether she is delivering a pop anthem or a heavy metal track, Poppy continues to captivate audiences with her unique blend of artistry and unpredictability.


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