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I gotta tell ya, there’s this hardcore metalcore band called What Is Within, and they’re freaking awesome! These guys are from Kansas City, Missouri, and let me tell you, they’re something else. Just recently, they rocked the stage at Good Vibes in Rogers, Arkansas, and lucky for all of us, MoshStar.com was there to capture this insane moment. Trust me, it was mind-blowing!

Picture this: the lights go low, everyone’s pumped, and there they are, the members of What Is Within, taking their spots on stage. Thomas kills it on the drums, Ellis slays the bass guitar, Jeff and Keagan shred the guitars like beasts, and leading the pack is Dakota, with their badass vocals and stage presence that can move even the toughest dudes.

The vibe in the room was electric as What Is Within started their set with the kickass track, “Happy.” Let me tell you, it was freaking epic! The crowd was hooked, energized by the infectious rhythm and the sick breakdowns. These guys know how to rock a crowd, no doubt about it!

Next up was “Welcome,” a song that hit us right in the feels. The crowd went wild, singing their hearts out. It was one of those moments where you feel like you belong – a community united by the power of music.

But the highlight of the night was when they unleashed “Into the Sands.” This song was a freaking masterpiece. They started with a hauntingly beautiful intro that gave us chills. Then, bam! The guitars exploded, the drums thundered, and Dakota’s vocals transported us to another dimension. It was an insane journey, with emotions running high and goosebumps all over.

The connection between What Is Within and their fans was on another level. You could feel the genuine love and passion in every note they played. It was more than just a concert; it was a freaking life-changing experience. MoshStar.com is so damn lucky to have witnessed such an mind-blowing performance and to be part of the magic that happens when these talented musicians come together.

As they played the final chord, the crowd went nuts, clapping and screaming like crazy. These guys definitely left a mark. What Is Within has the power to leave a lasting impression and create unforgettable memories. If you ever get the chance to see them live, do yourself a favor and freaking go for it. Get ready for an explosive experience full of energy, mind-blowing performances, and a connection that you can’t even put into words. What Is Within is here to stay, my friend. Don’t miss out on their insane metalcore journey!

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