FORMAT Festival Announces Hiatus for 2024 to Reimagine and Enhance Festival Experience

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February 9, 2024 – FORMAT Festival, known for delivering unique and exciting experiences to its dedicated fans, has announced that it will take a pause in 2024. This decision comes as part of a strategic effort to reimagine and enhance the festival’s offerings.

Pictures from Formant Festival 2022 by Ken McCLary
Pictures from Formant Festival 2022 by Ken McCLary

The organizers of FORMAT Festival are committed to ensuring that future events continue to captivate and thrill attendees. The year-long hiatus will allow for the development of new elements and experiences that will elevate the festival to new heights.

Fans and supporters are encouraged to stay connected and sign up for updates on the festival’s progress and future announcements at format-festival.com.

About FORMAT Festival

FORMAT Festival has become a hallmark event, celebrated for its innovative approach to music, art, and culture. The festival’s dedication to creating unforgettable experiences has garnered a loyal following and a reputation for excellence.

For more information, please contact: FORMAT Festival Media Relations Email: info@format-festival.com Website: format-festival.com

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we prepare to return with a reinvigorated and unforgettable FORMAT Festival experience.


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