Real Friends “The Damage Is Done” (Official Music Video)

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Directed and shot by Alex Zarek
Edited by Austin Gavin
Lighting design and programming by Brian Olivo
Production assistance by Steven Santoyo
BTS photography by Ryan Steinberg

i’m tired of waking up
with all your brokenness around me
feels like it’s too much to take

trying to drop this grudge
that neither one of us should carry
why can’t you just walk away

you’re the anchor & i’m drowning
deeper and deeper we go

the damage is done
i gave it my best
you got what you came for
now i’m choking on regrets
i’m out of breath

it already hurts
you’re making it worse
why does it feel like you’re just fucking with my head
you’re in my head
the damage is done

i think i’ve had enough
i can’t be what you need me to be
no matter how hard i’ve tried

i’m letting go because
i can’t even remember the feeling
i don’t have the strength to lie

deeper we go
i’m letting go

it’s too late
just move on
you can’t right
all these wrongs
so i’m gone
i can’t fix what you’ve become
the damage is done