A Day To Remember

Ambition extinguishes limits. With forward motion as the only constant, A Day To Remember creatively bypasses any and all boundaries, leaping over the lines between rock, alternative, punk, hardcore, metal, and pop with uncompromising outlier spirit. As such, they unassumingly maintain their reputation as the biggest underground band in the world, boasting four gold singles, a pair of gold albums, a platinum single, nearly 1 billion streams, half-a-billion YouTube views, and cumulative sales of three million-plus units. Leaving sold-out arenas in their wake, the group logged a #2 debut on the Billboard Top 200 with 2016’s Bad Vibrations while more recently they ignited a high-profile collaboration with electronic hit-maker Marshmello. However, they vault ahead once again on their 2021 Fueled by Ramen debut, You’re Welcome. Now, the quintet—Jeremy McKinnon [vocals], Alex Shelnutt [drums], Kevin Skaff [guitar, vocals], Neil Westfall [guitar, vocals], and Joshua Woodard [bass]—realize their full potential as rock’s most disruptively dynamic force.

“To me, it’s important to make every single song matter,” exclaims Jeremy. “Each track should be un-skippable, which is exactly how we treat every record. I don’t want us to be a song on your playlist; I want us to be your playlist. We’ve always mixed everything. You’re Welcome does even more of that. On the record, we represent who we’ve been, what people recognize us as, and we push the envelope of what you can expect from A Day To Remember moving forward. We’re not held back by any limitations.”

The band embarked on a creative journey for You’re Welcome, writing a staggering 40 songs—the most they’ve ever written for a project. They welcomed Colin “DOC” Brittain [5 Seconds of Summer, All Time Low] as co-producer alongside Jeremy for the bulk of the record, tracking in Florida and Los Angeles during 2019 as well as on the road during the sold-out Degenerates Tour. The album was mixed by talents such as Neal Avron [Weezer, Sara Bareilles, Linkin Park] and Will Putney [Knocked Loose, Vein], ensuring the sonic extremes were perfectly captured.

You’re Welcome serves as an acknowledgment of the past and a statement of purpose for the future, pushing ideas beyond existing boundaries and encouraging listeners to forget fear and try new things. Jeremy hopes the album becomes quintessential A Day To Remember, marking another step in the band’s journey from sleeping in Walmart parking lots to playing in front of thousands of people.

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