Format Festival 2022

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Ken McClary, music event promoter and founder of MoshStar.com, recently visited the FORMAT Festival in Bentonville, Arkansas. Known for his connection to Northwest Arkansas music scene, Ken has put together a short video recap of this unforgettable event.

FORMAT Festival 2022 brought together an eclectic mix of artists, immersive art installations, and cutting-edge performances that captivated attendees from start to finish. Ken’s video captures the essence of the festival, showcasing its vibrant atmosphere, the diversity of its acts, and the joy of the attendees.

From electrifying live performances to mesmerizing visual art, Ken’s recap highlights the unique elements that make FORMAT Festival a standout event in the music festival circuit. Through his lens, viewers can experience the energy and creativity that filled the festival grounds, offering a taste of what makes FORMAT Festival a must-attend event.

Check out Ken McClary’s video recap of FORMAT Festival 2022 on MoshStar.com and relive the magic of this extraordinary event. Don’t forget to sign up for updates on future FORMAT Festival events at format-festival.com.

Stay tuned for more exclusive content and insights from Ken McClary, your go-to source for all things music and festival-related!

For more pictures and event info click here: https://weknownwa.com/entertainment/format-festival-bentonville-arkansas-full-review/


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