Lorde – Oceanic Feeling

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“Oceanic Feeling” by Lorde is the closing track on her 2021 album, “Solar Power.” The song epitomizes the themes of nature, reflection, and personal growth that run throughout the album. With its serene, introspective lyrics and soothing production, “Oceanic Feeling” serves as a fitting conclusion to an album that marks a significant departure from Lorde’s earlier, more melancholic work.

Musically, “Oceanic Feeling” is characterized by its calm and expansive soundscape. The production is minimalistic yet lush, featuring gentle guitar strums, soft percussion, and ambient synthesizers that create an almost meditative atmosphere. This sonic palette complements the song’s reflective and contemplative nature, allowing Lorde’s vocals and lyrics to take center stage.

Lyrically, “Oceanic Feeling” delves into themes of connection to nature, familial bonds, and the passage of time. Lorde reflects on her relationship with the natural world, her personal journey, and her family. She sings about the ocean as a source of peace and renewal, using it as a metaphor for cleansing and starting anew. The song also touches on her role as a daughter and sister, weaving in personal anecdotes that give the track an intimate and autobiographical feel. Lines like “I’ll know when it’s time to take off my robes and step into the choir” suggest a contemplation of mortality and the cyclical nature of life.

Throughout “Oceanic Feeling,” Lorde’s vocal delivery is tender and emotive, conveying a sense of serenity and acceptance. Her voice blends seamlessly with the tranquil instrumentation, creating a soothing and immersive listening experience. The song’s length and structure allow for a gradual build-up of emotion, culminating in a sense of peaceful resolution that leaves the listener with a feeling of closure and contentment.

“Oceanic Feeling” has been praised for its lyrical depth and emotional resonance. Critics and fans have noted how it encapsulates the essence of “Solar Power,” an album that represents a shift towards a more mature and contemplative phase in Lorde’s career. The track’s introspective lyrics and serene production stand in contrast to the more energetic and vibrant songs on the album, highlighting Lorde’s versatility as a songwriter and artist.

Overall, “Oceanic Feeling” is a poignant and beautifully crafted song that showcases Lorde’s ability to convey deep emotions and personal reflections through her music. It serves as a powerful conclusion to “Solar Power,” leaving listeners with a sense of calm and introspection. The song’s themes of nature, family, and self-discovery resonate deeply, making it a memorable and impactful piece in Lorde’s discography.

Lorde – Oceanic Feeling (Lyrics)
It’s a blue day
We could jump Bulli
When I hit that water
When it holds me
I think about my father
Doing the same thing
When he was a boy

It’s a blue day
We could go fishing
You’ll catch the big one
Sliding the knife under the skin
Grateful for this offering
And all the living things
Under the sun

Little brother
I think you’re an angel
See your silver chain levitate
When you’re kick-flipping
Baby boy, you’re super cool
I know you’re scared
So was I
But all will be revealed in time

Oh look, the rays are in the bay now
Can you hear the waves and the cicadas all around?
I can make anything real
Brain so hot, it’s a summer body
Every day is blue and never cloudy
Don’t look down
I can make anything real

In the future
If I have a daughter
Will she have my waist or my widow’s peak?
My dreamer’s disposition or my wicked streak?
Will she split a tab with her lover and laugh at the stars
Like her mother when she was a girl?

Now the cherry-black lipstick’s gathering dust in a drawer
I don’t need her anymore
Cause I got this power
Just had to breathe out
And tune in

O, was enlightenment found? No, but I’m trying
Taking it one year at a time
Can you hear the sound? It’s shimmering higher
On the beach I’m building a pyre
(use the wood brought in by the tide)
I know you’ll show me how, I’ll know when it’s time
To take off my robes and step into the choir


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